106 Ways On Where To Find Inspiration In Life

Inspiration comes from within; it, therefore, stays deep-rooted.

Motivation comes from without and could be a fleeting experience.

You will agree with me that there is so much talk about motivation out there.

You’ve wondered how motivational speeches haven’t worked for you despite all the persuasive quotes and words.
It is because you have not yet “owned” your self-generated and personal conviction.

You have just been given a fix. As with those on hard drugs, it is tough to be in control of their mind.

More motivational content creates ultimate confusion.
Craving for more content would not get that spark into your life.

It is tough though … to master the mind. It is tough.

Below are my thoughts on how you can actually discover your inner self.

How to discover what would give you that energy from within to reach your goals in life.
How to become productive in your business.
And how to be a success at your workplace and a happy relationship with your family and amongst your friends.

Before you read further…

This list is no particular order and they don’t carry different weights of importance.
Some points general. Some give specifics and are quite detailed, while others are not.
For the latter, expand them in your mind.
And above all, some points may not appeal to you or work in your case.

How To Be Inspired? These Are The Steps

  1. To be inspired, look inside yourself and examine all the experiences you have gone through in life.
    Either great, good or bad, some lessons would have been learned which you can use as a way to move forward.

  2. Think about other people’s experiences to compare notes with yours and should inspire you that you are not alone.

  3. Animals around us tell us much about life, and their circumstances can reveal some hidden truth,
    which you can modify to lift yourself up.

  4. Plants in their varieties and across the seasons reveal some fundamental truths for motivation.

  5. Check out the works of the great scientists of the past – some even risked their lives –
    to initiate new tools and conveniences. These inventions others have been improved to improve our lives today.

  6. The very mystery of your coming into this world and while you still exist —
    even though other babies at the time were delivered as stillbirth.

  7. Observe children at play for clues.
    You may be inspired to get solutions to some problems that may come your way.

  8. Taking a walk away from your comfort zone or neighborhood to other places.
    This idea could give you some sparks of inspiration.

  9. Traveling and visiting other while you must leave your prejudice behind.
    You respect the new experience as you come to a new self-discovery.

  10. Finding time to be with someone, to exchange banters and
    discussions could bring other insightful experiences.

  11. Set out a daily schedule, of few minutes daydreaming about how you would feel
    — in details — as if you already accomplished your objectives and goals.

  12. Picture in your mind the fear of a possible fallout of non-attainment of your goals and desires;
    as a motivation to stimulate your creative imagination.

  13. Visiting art shows or such places. You look around the works and you may be inspired
    to do something worthwhile and novel in your own field.

  14. You should visit the schools you attended as a teenager or as a kid.
    This would definitely stimulate another perspective of your worldview.

  15. Once in a while, go on that adventure of eating a certain food
    you cherish but you wouldn’t normally afford.
    This could be uplifting for your soul and gives you that needed impetus
    to work harder so that the delicacy becomes a norm.

  16. Read books outside your areas of interests and merge
    such with your own personal conviction and belief about life.

  17. Playing a game or sport even if you are not a professional.
    Pick the sport that is below or above your social class.
    Your mind would get stimulated with the new experience.

  18. Taking long walks– and just looking around —
    in meditative contemplation about human nature and Man’s behavior.

  19. Visit shopping malls and get yourself a drink or something.
    You sit down quietly…watching people walk in or out; doing their thing.
    This experience should stimulate and expand your mind into another realm of understanding.

  20. Learn a craft which is very different from your core profession.
    You might have been a President of a country of the Head of a big business;
    just go through the process at your own pace.

  21. Pick out some days to simply study the history of human nature from the archives.
    Consider if how Man has fared.
    Do a comparison and come to your own conclusions.

  22. Learn that skill — with boldness — which friends and people
    around claim you can never attain. Let the naysayers inspire you
    to become a better person but on your own terms.

  23. In your quiet moment; do search more deeply about your faith and religion.
    Interpret to yourself and discover your own truth.

  24. Reflect on your birth and your ultimate death.
    The mystery of these realities should spur you on
    to make a more matured judgment about how you want to live your own life.

  25. Seek a benevolent mentor who would give you time
    and learn from his or her experience.
    Leverage on this to reach your objectives faster
    from one or two persons; old or young and wherever across the world.

  26. Watch the news and come to your own conclusion.
    Get to know what happens outside your country; in the rich or poor countries.
    You could pick something to inspire you,
    giving you a much-improved insight over your contemporaries with a limited worldview where you leave.

  27. Reflect on the experience of how your parents or guardians have lived their lives.
    Pick some insights from this.

  28. Study your colleagues and bosses at work and
    see what you can learn as an inspiration from their lifestyle.

  29. Study the past martyrs of different religious movements across the world
    and that those being persecuted for truth in other parts of the world.
    Conclude where you stand in all of this. Are you in a better position?

  30. Study those successful people who have done well by material means,
    family and in their professions.
    Look them up in your locale in the news, stories about them and how they achieved their feats.
    Look for similar stories in other parts of the world — advanced and developing.
    Varied stories abound.

  31. Look closer at your siblings and members of your immediate and extended family,
    there could be sparks of inspiration in their worldview.
    Either way, it goes — good or bad — these are closer answers for self- appraisal.

  32. Inspirations can come from nature.
    Meditate on the specifics of unpredictable weather, cloud formation, and movements;
    the far-reaching stars and wonder about the mystery of our planet
    and you as a mere speck on this planet. Here is a book on same topic using my pen name.

  33. Look around where you are now, and imagine what would have been
    if those physical items such as the furniture, electronic gadgets,
    your phone and other gizmos in your kitchen and so on were not made by some people.

  34. Imagine what you could add and create for the betterment
    of your immediate environment and the rest of the world – in gratitude to the universe.

  35. Find time and resources to give to those in need.
    Hear them respond and learn from that experience.

  36. Be of service to a cause.
    Just go out and be a member of a charitable movement—could be a modest one.
    Your spare time is ok. Learn from your volunteering.

  37. Get inspired by people who were once rejected in their beliefs
    and convictions but eventually celebrated. Learn how they did it.

  38. Use your domestic challenges with your spouse to become a problem-solver
    and become the master of your emotions.
    You strengthen your leadership traits by so doing.

  39. There are gifts you could buy for yourself
    that could lift your spirit to more which will motivate you.

  40. Be in shape; exercise your body.
    With good health, you can always be inspired to do greater things.

  41. Watch your diet. Avoid food that slows you down physically and mentally.
    Chocolate — in reasonable measure – is great for good-feeling and increases productivity.

  42. Attend movies that bring back some nostalgia that will lift your spirit.
    If you can’t find them in your cinema houses, get them on-demand on the web.

  43. Search your phone and computer,
    there could be some things you have stored in the past that could ginger you up.

  44. Visit the physical library in your neighborhood and feel the ambiance of the space.
    Smell and read new and archived publications.
    Let the librarian lecture you on a topic of his or her interest.
    Do librarians have much time on their hands in this age of the web?

  45. Go on the web as an escape.
    Research and read publications and subjects of interests that make you happy.

  46. Attend an entertainment show or clubs; dance and enjoy yourself.

  47. Take some time off your busy schedule and just lazy around.
    You should be refreshed with a more sharpened mind.

  48. Look for inspirational quotes and reflect on those agreeable with your essence.

  49. You can also get inspiration from the scriptures and philosophical books of the past.

  50. You can be daily inspired by photographs.
    Pause and give the details a thought. Be they in your office or home.
    Don’t rule out artworks, and images found within your space.

  51. De-clutter your mind.
    Write down what disturbs you and create a simple and toned down flow chart of solutions.
    This gives a twin effect of improved focus and increased.

  52. Visit a playground and watch parents and kids at play
    — as long as your lurking around is safe.

  53. Go for a long drive in your car or ride a bicycle
    — without necessarily visiting anybody.

  54. Leave your car behind and take the public transport to work for a day or a week or so.
    You will get a different view and encounter a different experience.

  55. Play with your kids’ toys or play an indoor game.

  56. Collect one or two vintage items that remind you of your pleasant youthful years.
    Look for them on eBay or similar auction sites. Get those you can afford.

  57. Share your thoughts on social media. Be moderate about getting too distracted.
    Don’t do too much or stay too long on these platforms.

  58. Watch a stage play or attend a concert even if you don’t like the genre of it.
    You should be able to pick something there.

  59. Be amenable to new things and change.
    Connect the dots of what you see happen around you and around the world;
    then come to your own conclusion.

  60. If you are a business owner, organize a small get-together for some clients and customers,
    hear what they have to say about your business.
    Do same for your staff and get their feedback.

  61. Have a timeout with your spouse and kids.
    Enjoy their presence and reflect on the experience.

  62. Visit some factories within your city or outside of it.
    See how some popular items are manufactured.

  63. Read the old textbooks and publications in your house or at the office,
    that have gathered dust.

  64. Look up old pictures in your albums.

  65. Have a drink but don’t get drunk. Just let the mind wander…

  66. Watch a different sport on TV
    or at the local or major stadium you have never attended.

  67. Arrange a picnic or BBQ with some friends.

  68. Go hiking alone or with a friend; and if safe, you can go alone.

  69. Lodge into an affordable hotel for a day or more
    and think about your life and things generally.

  70. Read biographies of the famous and infamous across the world.

  71. Read a novel or fiction by popular and unknown authors
    — for curiosity – across the world.

  72. Read about how individuals, groups,
    and businesses failed and succeeded in the past.

  73. Read the different histories and archeological findings of countries and cultures.

  74. Read old and forgotten editions of highly popular and specific publications
    such as the National Geographic, Readers Digests and so on.

  75. Think about the organs inside of your human body
    and compare yourself to other animals.
    Get inspired and awed.

  76. Wonder why all despite differences in the human race,
    yet share the color of blood as red.

  77. Wonder about some primitive tribes that will never set foot into civilization
    and compare them with their sophisticated city dwellers.

  78. Wonder as you go to sleep; others are waking up at the same time,
    in another part of the world. And vice versa.

  79. Think about the mystery of the immutable laws of nature that Man has never canceled.
    Massive aircraft that defy gravity for hours.
    Giant oil tankers that stay afloat for weeks.
    Compare this with a tiny pebble thrown up or into the sea.
    And similar laws. Granted science has explained all the answers.

  80. Think about how freaks of nature—good or bad –
    has turned into misfortune or uplifted individuals, groups, communities,
    countries and businesses across the world beyond human comprehension.

  81. Look at an object of interest through a microscope
    or a magnifier and discover a new world.

  82. Loiter around still at your barbing or hair salon,
    watching others have their hair cut or done.

  83. If it is within your budget, get your sauna and massage done at a beauty salon.
    While there, savor the experience and ambiance for a renewed you.

  84. Create time to pray earnestly; according to your belief and faith.

  85. Write down what bothers you in a mind-map and flowchart,
    for a clearer picture and what you are going to do.

  86. Before you get a good sleep, ask for a revealing dream of inspiration.
    You may get some solutions to some nagging problems.
    (However, this is not guaranteed for all)

  87. Follow that quiet inner voice.
    Your gut feeling over time becomes more accurate if you work on it.

  88. Watch one or two old films of your childhood or past years.
    Check your in-house store or the web.

  89. Listen to old uplifting songs, repeat the songs
    till you feel better to come up with new ideas.

  90. Watch and think through how charlatans and other self-centered people
    and dishonest politicians seduce and deceive the masses.
    That should set you thinking on how you can be helpful to others.

  91. Jot down a few notes from some materials you have consumed.
    Think deeply about them — from time to time —
    as you discover new meanings you can leverage upon for your own success.

  92. Edify and speak good things to yourself every day.
    Be conscious of this to lift yourself up.
    Jettison the impostor syndrome.
    There has never been a human being that has it all, and never will there be.

  93. Dress in your best of clothes on a chosen occasion
    to make you feel good in body, mind, and soul.

  94. Have a rare outing at a choice hotel or restaurant.
    Enjoy a decent buffet or meal to stimulate your mind.
    Believe, you could do this once in a while, in a matter of time.

  95. Visit a popular stadium you normally watch on TV.
    Just sit in that empty stadium.
    Converse in your mind about the great players and the unseen crowd.
    Soak in the energy and the competitive vibrations of the place, before you leave.

  96. Visit the backstage of a local television or stage production.
    It could be a fashion. Just feel the energy and get inspired.
    Your profession is irrelevant, notwithstanding.

  97. Visit a local industry or a manufacturing outfit.
    If they allow it, look around and ask questions about the production lines.
    Could be a local cobbler, candy producer or aircraft manufacturer
    and mill around for an hour or so.

  98. Take pictures using your phone or any camera and do your own documentary.
    The subject of interest could be the preparation of a recipe in your kitchen
    or you hit the streets. Catch some interests…

  99. Attend a boot camp with the younger ones — if adults are allowed.
    Enjoy your stay with the kids.

  100. Think about how you can be different from popular opinion and assumptions.
    Be contrarian in some aspects of life, as long as it is safe for you and others.
    If the world goes yang, you go ying.

  101. Relocate to another part of your city or state, as long as your job,
    business and family will not be disrupted for the worse.
    Here are my thoughts on parenting using a pen name. Could be inspirational for you.

  102. Change the brand of the staple items you use or consume;
    for instance, you can change the brand of your car to another affordable one.
    You can change your toothpaste.

  103. Rearrange your living space or office.
    Change the color; change the positioning of the furniture.

  104. Kick the habit of spending beyond your income.
    Retire your credit card.
    Certainly, you will become more creative to improve your financial status,
    though, through honest means.

  105. Do something that makes you feel good —
    without injuring yourself and others — before you embark on assignments
    you have been procrastinating about but you must do.

  106. Follow your own ritual or routine that puts you in the best of mood.
    It doesn’t have to be popular or acceptable to other people’s philosophy.
    That’s how your energy is rekindled to inspire yourself.

    That is it. . .
    Consume as much out there, but resolve the final decision from within.
    Let me hear you thoughts as I will like learn from you.

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