Amah Street (Poem)

Oh sun!
Broken into my eyes
What a beautiful twilight

Of my youthful past
Far away at dusk

In a new land
Away from home
Yet the best peace

Three decades, still in my horizon
Like the sun at twilight
‘Cos you share my eternal joy

You smoothen my joyous face
From wrinkles attempted by ages
You put bliss in my craving soul

When low I cuddle your past realm
You wait like a true mother
But now the present must go on
As tomorrow must be prepared today

Live the best of moment
The hazy past of the far land
Sculptured in beauty and blissful
It can’t escape the yearning soul

I can’t
Yes Amah
The past abode
Today a more beautiful road
Little yet undone

The smile
The energized youthful tonic
For the struggling aging soul
Joy felt yet again

The path of joyous past
What a beautiful remembrance
To be seen again
To refreshen.

Yet must love here and now
I can deal with it
See the shining ball fades
Beyond Amah
Am good

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